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Industries we are able to hone for and some of the components we have worked on.

We have honed almost every type of material.

Cylinder bore honing and tube honing jobs can come in all different types of materials and different tolerances.


Motor sports and Automotive

We do honing work for the motor sports industry from formula 1 to rally and motogp etc... This is a high demanding sector with very high standards and tight deadlines. We have done arrange of honing jobs such as driveshaft’s, transmission parts, brake callipers, suspension components,tube honing and clutch shafts with tight tolerance.


Hydraulics and pneumatics

Pneumatic cylinders such as the components used in air jacks can come to us in high volumes; hydraulic cylinders come to us in low volumes for tube honing. From the aluminium pneumatics to the steel Hydraulics for new build machines to re-conditioned machines.


Gas and Oil

We also hone gas and oil industry components for oil and gas exploration, i.e. pressure valves, transmitter,tube honing and cover valves etc.…In such materials such as stainless steel, beryllium copper, Inconel.


Re- con work

We carry out all kinds of re-con honing work from machines components to motorcycle parts i.e. tailstocks, valve blocks, motorcycle barrels, hydraulic cylinders. Hone the bores, chrome and grind barrels and pistons.


Food processing

We also hone components for Food processing equipment.





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